Is demand not being met due to improper staffing? Are customers becoming increasingly unsatisfied and taking their business elsewhere?  

Is employee morale suffering because availability is not being met? The Scheduling and Employee Configuration online course demonstrates optimum utilization of UniFocus’ scheduling module, included in the labor management system, to simplify and accelerate the process.

Scheduling employees without the correct tools is a cumbersome procedure that reduces the time managers can be spending attending to customers or completing other essential tasks. The course will teach students how to use the scheduling tool to ensure accurate schedules in a fraction of the time.

Instructors are committed to providing students with the confidence and skills necessary to successfully operate the scheduling tool to improve all aspects of their organization.

Trainees will examine a general overview of LMS Scheduling, gain tips for an easier user experience, and edit weekly schedules generated by the program. The Scheduling and Employee Configuration self-paced online course prepares department managers to successfully produce staff schedules, saving companies significant time and revenue.

This course provides an overview of:

  • UniFocus’ LMS Scheduling tool
  • Initial set-up
  • Configuration of module

Learn how to:

  • View and electronically edit weekly schedules
  • Add or modify a scheduled employee
  • Schedule personnel based on employee availability
  • Identify conflicts in the weekly schedule
  • Utilize cross-trained employees
  • Modify hours to be worked, including time-off requests
  • Print completed weekly schedules from “Reports”
  • Configure an employee’s work availability

At the end of this course, a student will be able to:

  • Schedule staff accurately for improved employee and customer satisfaction
  • Configure and edit weekly schedules within the LMS Scheduling tool

Class Details:

  • Delivery Format: Self-Paced Online via the UniFocus Training Management System (TMS)
  • Intended Audiences: All Managers using the Labor Management System to schedule team members
  • Course Length: 2 hours

Avoid potential dollars walking out the door, control labor costs, and satisfy employees by employing UniFocus’ intuitive scheduling tool. Learn how to simply navigate and properly utilize the module with expert training, ultimately enhancing the weekly scheduling process and improving business.

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