Improve current workforce practices and accelerate labor management processes by utilizing UniFocus’ Labor Management System. Learn how to successfully navigate and maximize the system to enhance overall business.

The self-paced online format offers the trainee control over their learning experience, and allows them to complete their training on their own time to avoid disrupting daily operations. Retention and comprehension increase because the trainee can spend time on topics they may not fully understand instead of going at the instructor’s pace. 

Time and Attendance Self-Paced Online

The Time and Attendance self-paced online training is designed to inform payroll processors and department managers how to track time and attendance figures, modify and approve employee punches, manage employee records as appropriate, understand labor reports, and interface Time and Attendance with their payroll system. Class available Self-Paced Online only.

Scheduling and Employee Configuration Self-Paced Online

The Scheduling and Employee Configuration self-paced online training is a practical application workshop covering the highlights of scheduling and employee configuration utilizing the LMS scheduling module. Class available via Webinar and Self-Paced

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