Support company growth and enhance overall business by applying effective labor management strategies and optimizing the use of UniFocus’ Labor Management System.  Improve customer and employee satisfaction, and ensure a healthier bottom line.

The webinar format provides a convenient option for training and offers flexibility. A group of employees can sit-in on a webinar from the comfort of their own property, saving travel costs. The learning process isn’t sacrificed, because these instructor-led webinars present interactivity and a platform to ask questions.

Principles of Labor Management

The Principles of Labor Management webinar is designed to help the manager become more familiar with the techniques of and approaches to managing labor. This course will focus on the principles and methods for forecasting, planning and evaluating labor use, and will preliminarily address using the UniFocus Labor Management System to improve performance. Class available via Classroom and Webinar.

Scheduling and Employee Configuration

The Scheduling and Employee Configuration webinar is a practical application workshop covering the highlights of scheduling and employee maintenance. The session contains an open forum that allows participants to ask property/scenario specific questions based upon what they learned in the online course. Class available via Classroom, Webinar, and Self-Paced Online.

LMS Reports and Dashboard Overview

The Labor Management System Reports and Dashboard webinar is designed to help the business analyze performance through the use of system reports and the Labor Management System Dashboard. This course will focus on the navigation and practical use of these components to monitor, measure and evaluate the performance of each business unit, as well as comparing location to location, region to region, etc. Class available via Classroom and Webinar.

Time and Attendance Manager Training

TheTime and Attendance Manager Training is designed to teach department managers how to track time and attendance figures, modify and approve employee punches, manage employee records as appropriate, understand labor reports and interface Time and Attendance with their payroll system. This course covers many of the navigational features used in the Time & Attendance application. While this course does not cover everything about the Time & Attendance software, you should be able to attain competency in the above tasks upon successful completion of this training. Class available via Classroom and Webinar

Managing Change

The Managing Change webinar is designed to identify the impact of change on individual behavior and organizational management including the negative factors that hinder change from taking place and the positive factors that promote change. Emphasis is given to the stages and organization goes through in making significant changes. Class available via Classroom and Webinar.

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