Are labor costs constantly rising due to lack in productivity? Is inadequate workforce management affecting overall business? Learning and implementing optimum strategies yields an evident return on investment and advances all aspect of business.

UniFocus’ Principles of Labor Management course teaches leadership best practices to help perfect daily procedures, control budget expenditures, and improve employee engagement. Training experts delve into the significance of improving or creating labor standards to ensure smooth operations, and demonstrate the benefits of forecasting, planning, and evaluating labor use. 

Aside from training students on utilizing efficient techniques, the class preliminarily addresses using UniFocus’ labor management system to improve business operations and performance.  

The Principles of Labor Management classroom training will help leadership become more familiar with the strategies to successfully manage labor.

This course provides an overview of:

  • Labor standards 
  • Forecasting, planning, and scheduling
  • Proper staffing methods
  • Reports for performance review
  • UniFocus’ Labor Management System

Learn how to:

  • Create and test labor standards
  • Develop accurate forecasts
  • Produce staffing guides
  • Generate employee schedules
  • Analyze correct reports to examine productivity and performance
  • Lead labor management meetings

At the end of this course, the students will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of labor standards as a foundation for overall labor management
  • Distinguish the relationship between quality and labor standards to overall company performance   
  • Describe the methods used in development of forecasts
  • Use the combination of forecasts and labor standards to create staffing guides
  • Create an employee schedule based on combining labor demands with employee considerations
  • Track the completion of work against schedules, forecasts, and standards
  • Explain the types of reports necessary to review performance and productivity
  • Conduct periodic labor management meetings to improve performance

Class details:

  • Delivery Format: Instructor-Led Classroom
  • Intended Audience: Any group of managers needing to improve labor management and measure operational performance
  • Course Length: 4 hours

If current labor management strategies are producing subpar results, it’s time to seek an alternate approach.  Training fromUniFocus assists organizations in surpassing expectations to achieve excellence. 

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