It is difficult to properly control labor costs without a thorough reporting tool displaying the frequency of overtime. Formulating measures for improvement turns into a guessing game due to a lack of data and knowledge of the monetary impact.

UniFocus’ LMS dashboard provides easy access to understandable and actionable information. Customizable reporting equips leadership with the business intelligence to strategize improvements rather than a rudimentary review of a series of numbers.

The LMS Reports and Dashboard training teaches managers tips to successfully navigate and operate the tool. The at a glance nature of the dashboard supplies essential information and key drivers in real time.

The class demonstrates how to monitor, measure, and evaluate performance between departments, properties, and regions. Executive and management teams can readily review the big picture of how achievements vary between multiple locations.

The LMS Reports and Dashboard course prepares leadership to optimize usage of the system, and support organizational growth with the knowledge gained from actionable intelligence. 

This course provides an overview of:

  • UniFocus’ LMS Dashboard and reporting capabilities
  • Configuration of module
  • Analysis with reporting

Learn how to:

  • Navigate the dashboard and reporting easily with Tips and Tricks
  • Configure and run LMS Reports
  • Publish and share LMS Reports
  • Set up and run automated LMS Reports
  • Customize the initial LMS Dashboard settings and views
  • Drill down and review labor performance
  • Export and communicate LMS Dashboard metrics across teams

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Utilize business intelligence to implement targeted strategies for improvement
  • Analyze performance and productivity to identify opportunities

Class details:

  • Delivery format: Instructor-Led Classroom
  • Intended Audience: Managers, Executives, and above-property personnel needing to monitor operational performance
  • Course length: 2 hours

Meet customer demand, effectively manage labor costs, and implement targeted strategies for overall organizational growth with UniFocus. Learn how to optimize LMS dashboard and reporting to ultimately increase both the top and bottom line.  

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