Is management using UniFocus’ Labor Management System to its maximum potential? Are forecasts and schedules created using the most effective techniques? Are the system’s features being best utilized for weekly labor management activities to significantly improve performance? Attendees of the Labor Management Administrator session will learn how to navigate UniFocus’ LMS and optimize usage of the system for the organization.

Forecasting, planning, scheduling, and reporting are essential components in the labor management process. Instructors teach best practices to forecast and plan to demand to meet customer expectations. Learn how to accurately configure and create employee schedules, and analyze performance with labor reports.

This four-day, hands-on, comprehensive course prepares managers with the fundamental skills to successfully operate UniFocus’ LMS and conduct weekly activities to enhance overall business. Ideal candidates are managers who are initially learning to navigate the system or who desire a refresher on the application.

This course provides an overview of the Labor Management System, specifically:

  • The Work Area
  • Market Segments
  • Revenue Centers
  • Key Business Indicators (KBIs)
  • Flow Patterns
  • Flow Plans
  • Labor Structure
  • Scheduling
  • Employee Maintenance
  • Resource Management Reports
  • LMS Dashboard
  • Employee Requests and Employee Portal
  • Security

Learn how to:

  • Master the Principles of Labor Management
  • Navigate through all components of the application easily
  • Conduct all weekly labor management activities
  • Create and configure Market Segments
  • Create and configure Revenue Centers
  • Create and configure all types of Key Business Indicators (KBIs)
  • Create and configure Global Environments and Environments
  • Create and configure Flow Patterns and Flow Plans
  • Create the labor standards for the entire organization
  • Configure the labor standards for each job role
  • Configure employee records and availability
  • Submit employee time off requests
  • Generate and edit forecasts
  • Generate and edit employee schedules
  • Customize, run, and share labor reports
  • Use the LMS Dashboard to review performance and productivity
  • Set up managers for use of the LMS

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the terms and concepts associated with configuration within the Labor Management System
  • Configure your property with the assistance of a UniFocus Consultant, training materials, and the Labor Management System Online Help
  • Perform weekly LMS functions with the assistance of UniFocus support, training materials and the Labor Management System Online Help

Class details:

  • Delivery Format: Instructor-Led Classroom
  • Intended Audiences: LMS Administrators, Super Users and backup(s)
  • Course Length: 4 days. 8:30am - 5:00pm
  • Next Available Session Date: please contact

Maximize use of the UniFocus Labor Management System and effectively apply strategies to advance company operations. This course is designed to successfully lead businesses in ensuring the right staffing, in the right place, at the right time, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

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