The UniFocus Time and Attendance Administrator training is designed to teach how to close a pay period, send export files to Memphis, Create Security templates or Groups, Enroll Employees to the TimeClock, Property Specific Time Clock Configurations, adding Secondary jobs, removing jobs, deleting jobs, adding pay increases, Earning wizard, Tip Pools, how to track time and attendance figures, modify and approve employee punches, manage employee records as appropriate, understand labor reports and interface Time and Attendance with their payroll system.

This course covers many of the navigational features used in the Time & Attendance application. The lessons learned in the class will allow Administrator the ability to successfully close a pay period and its associated reporting tools

By the end of this course, the student should be able to :

  • Navigate Time & Attendance software.
  • Set Security Settings for managers.
  • Prevent inaccurate posting of hours to incorrect job codes.
  • Secondary jobs
  • Earning wizard
  • Tip Pools
  • Reporting features
  • Earnings
  • Quickly know which employees are working or are off the clock.

Class details:

  • Delivery format: Instructor-led classroom
  • Intended audience: Department Managers
  • Course length: 6 hours

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