Ensure your schedules are complied with
and costs are what you expect!

Managers spend time ensuring employees are properly scheduled to meet business demands, but nothing is perfect. For example, demand changes, employees don’t comply with their schedules, managers think it’s too hard to put schedules in the T&A system, costly hours are spent fixing incorrect punches, and so on. These are some of the issues that service businesses face. UniFocus’ state of the art T&A system has been designed to overcome these issues and simplify proper payment of your most critical resource—your staff.

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Simplify time management and employee communication – anytime, anywhere. 

Overcome the challenge of proactively tracking employee time with our cloud-based T&A system. With it, managers can act on real-time labor data and make profitable decisions in seconds. Accurate tracking, such as avoiding manual calculation errors, “riding the clock,” and “buddy punching,” reduces operating expenses. More importantly, T&A improves employee engagement with an easy-to-use online communication portal and mobile app.


Manage on the fly.

Handle your business in real time: view schedules by date or employee; authorize scheduling requests on the go; see who’s on the clock and who is not; cover shifts on the fly, and message staff instantly. Control your costs with custom alerts for upcoming breaks, impending overtime, and late-to-clock-out. Our robust tip-sharing system calculates gratuities and allocates service fees among employees.

Maximize employee flexibility. 

Employees can review work schedules, view time cards, track hours, and accept, swap or drop shifts. They can notify managers if they are tardy or absent, and managers can instantly communicate with all personnel. Employees can accept or dispute managerial punch corrections right at the time clock, when they punch in for their next shift. It’s PAPERLESS!

Track the cost of punch errors, absenteeism and off-schedule conditions.

Our system goes beyond simple time and attendance to further evaluate the hidden costs of punch errors, and other non-conforming actions. UniFocus’ Attendance Dashboard monitors off schedule issues and helps establish corrective actions based on a self-customizable point system. A team that is engaged has fewer punch issues. Our dashboard helps you monitor your key resource performance—your staff.

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Keep smarter time.

Our touch-screen Smart Time Clock guarantees correct reporting, saving your team time and money. Interactive functionality in multiple languages, coupled with dependable biometric readers, reduces labor costs. It is customizable with all rule requirements, such as lockouts, meals/breaks, grace period, tip reporting and punch warnings. It assists management by simplifying the punch control process and allowing customization of reporting for such government compliance as the ACA, FLSA and FLMA.

T&A interfaces with all payroll and human capital management (HCM) systems, and is integrated with UniFocus’ Labor Management System.

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UniFocus provides significant competitive advantages to owners and operators of labor-intensive, service-oriented businesses, helping them quickly increase asset value by reducing labor costs and improving operational effectiveness, team engagement and customer loyalty. The unique combination of better software, outstanding consulting services, and a performance guarantee make it the most effective and reliable integrated solution for optimizing workforce performance. Simply Better!

Solutions... not just software

  • "UniFocus will help PGA National achieve its business objectives of continually enhancing levels of customer service and profitability with their innovative solutions and expert training. By partnering with UniFocus to create brand specific labor standards PGA will enhance our performance and guest satisfaction."  
    - Joel Paige, Vice President & Managing Director, PGA National Resort and Spa

  • "The team at UniFocus clearly values relationships and customer service is a priority. With UniFocus' online guest satisfaction surveys, Skytop now has the ability to customize tracking and trend reporting. Management gains the ability to view key opportunities necessary to maximize our customer experience across services, property improvements to consider and the product updates and launches our guests are wanting."  
    Cara Federici, Director of Sales & Marketing with Skytop Lodge
  • "UniFocus' expertise in meetings and events, the great price point, and superiority of the product fit our needs. UniFocus has been out front with its technology, and providing great business tools to track the meeting planner's reviews effectively and efficiently." 
    - Shawn Dixon, Corporate Operations Manager for Vail Resorts Hospitality
  • "We now have a standardized system for time and attendance tracking across our entire portfolio..."  
    - Mark Fielding, Senior Accountant for Red Lion Hotels


  • "UniFocus feels like a partner, not a third party. It's a great relationship...We have individual, personalized service that isn't cookie cutter. Another strategic asset is the clear understanding of which products and/or services can be improved or offered, to exceed customers' expectations." 
    Chuck Currid, General Manager of Babson Executive Conference Center

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