The Power Of Engagement

Organization with high levels of employee engagement significantly outperform those without, and conversely, high levels of disengagement can adversely impact operating income, revenue and shareholder value.  Actively engaged employees outperform disengaged employees by more than 20% in profitability and productivity and by about 10% in customer ratings1.

Engaging your employees in today’s environment is fundamental to maintaining a competitive edge now and for achieving long-term success moving forward.

Fully Engaged employees lead business that thrive by:

  • Raising Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Increasing Customer’s Intent to Recommend and Return
  • Boosting Revenue growth
  • Maximizing Employee Productivity
  • Improving the Quality of Service

Engaged employees are more productive, customer-centric, and drive profit and revenue.   Gain valuable insight how engaged employees drive more business with FocusED.

Our team greatly values your time and looks forward to the opportunity be of service to your team.

The Dedicated UniFocus Team  

UniFocus is unique in the delivery of global Labor Management and Time & Attendance Technologies that guarantees reduced labor costs, improved productivity, employee engagement AND ties directly to achievement of customer expectations.

By correlating advanced scheduling with employee engagement and customer perceptions, improvements in labor costs are not at the expense of service.  We help our partners ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction through combining innovative labor management systems and process with a full array of human capital management tools.  Our systems increase productivity, drive labor savings to YOUR bottom line, while you ensure customer satisfaction.

UniFocus is an allied member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association and a member of the National Restaurant Association.

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