Increase Customer Satisfaction, Drive Revenue, and Improve Intent to Return and Recommend

Increase market share by continuously seeking ways to improve business, services provided, and products offered to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Customers are constantly forming opinions about their experiences at various establishments, and in the world of social media where information is broadcasted to a large audience, guest impressions can either make or break a business.

Employing a guest satisfaction survey allows businesses to remain up-to-date on consumer needs and expectations, and an on-going feedback system enables companies to measure whether or not their strategies are improving customer satisfaction. UniFocus' advanced survey technologies provide a clear understanding of every facet of guest loyalty and satisfaction, allowing for timely and informed decisions that will positively impact guest perceptions. Boost your ability to understand customer feedback with the option of real-time customer sentiment analytics. Efforts to increase your guest's intent to recommend and return suddenly become easy!

UniFocus, is an official partner with TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel website. Teaming up with this travel review site enables guests to easily encourage TripAdvisor reviews during the survey process quickly. Survey feedback coupled with the TripAdvisor enhancement is an extremely efficient method to increase client satisfaction, drive loyalty, and increase the bottom line.

GUESTScope leverages the customers' feedback as an asset to drive both profitable business decisions and intent to recommend, providing a clear understanding of which products and services customers’ value and helping to identify opportunities for improvement. Further improve customer satisfaction by coupling with UniFocus' employee satisfaction survey, STAFFScope, to gauge staff engagement and morale, which has a significant impact on guests’ experiences.

Other Key Benefits and Features of GUESTScope:

  • Aid speedy guest recovery efforts and follow up with Instant “Guest at Risk” email notifications compatible with any mobile device
  • Understand data instantly with a dynamic, "at a glance" dashboard of all survey results
  • Customer Comment and Sentiment Analytics available
  • Prioritize actions needed to have the most direct and positive impact on guests with ranking of key opportunities
  • Actualize revenue at Risk based on guests’ recent experiences and intent to return
  • Review trending and multi-property ranking performance in relation to company benchmarks
  • Comprehend competitive positioning and the price/value equation
  • Increase online Travel Review and easily share feedback on any site, such as TripAdvisor,, or your company website
  • Easily respond with customizable templates to all customers improving guest loyalty with Survey Response System (SRS)
  • Enhance satisfaction with multi-language support in all languages

Now your teams can have a better understanding of which comments have the most impact on guest satisfaction, enabling better and more targeted action planning to drive the greatest R.O.I. Bring customers back time and time again with the knowledge gained from GUESTScope.


  • "Valid Customer feedback is extremely important to earning high satisfaction ratings and plays a vital role in loyal clients driving profits and recommending new business. With UniFocus' online system, The Mayfair will capture the feedback of guests which will be integrated with our corporate level reporting. Every key touch point that makes up a guest stay is valuable."   
    - Si Sloman, Principal MJS Hotels


  • "UniFocus' expertise in meetings and events, the great price point, and superiority of the product fit our needs. UniFocus has been out front with its technology, and providing great business tools to track the meeting planner's reviews effectively and efficiently." 
    - Shawn Dixon, Corporate Operations Manager for Vail Resorts Hospitality
  • "The feedback provided by SERVICEScope has allowed our Leadership team to examine the most fundamental portions of our best practices and refine how our levels of service can continue to set us apart from our competition. The feedback is detailed, thorough, and consistent through the organization."
    - Ian Dailey, Director of Organizational Development of Canyons Resort

  • "The team at UniFocus clearly values relationships and customer service is a priority. With UniFocus' online guest satisfaction surveys, Skytop now has the ability to customize tracking and trend reporting. Management gains the ability to view key opportunities necessary to maximize our customer experience across services, property improvements to consider and the product updates and launches our guests are wanting."  
    Cara Federici, Director of Sales & Marketing with Skytop Lodge
  • "Our team is looking forward to the feedback so we can improve the overall guest experience. UniFocus' product allows us to identify by villa, service, party and program allowing us to easily identify trends." 
    Mitch Goldberg, Vice President of Operations, GKTW