More Insight to Manage All Your Relationships and Improve Satisfaction

Whether it’s solicited survey feedback or unsolicited commentary on line today, it is vital to find out what customers are saying and to monitor your property's online reputation. The distillation of this information into meaningful intelligence, such as the impact of critical issues on their intent to return and recommend—keeps significant amounts of revenue from walking out the door.

And it’s not just what guests and meeting planners are saying; it’s also about what employees are saying, and how their attitude impacts customer satisfaction. Having insight about your staff as strategic assets enables you to deploy their talents more effectively. And knowing if your service standards are in sync with today’s changing perceptions—or whether meeting planners view your establishment as the ideal venue choice—gives you a competitive advantage.

Continuously seeking ways to improve business, customer service, and products offered in order to attract new customers and hold on to existing ones. However, implementing new strategies without proper feedback can ultimately prove to be counterproductive. To execute an effective plan, it’s important to gauge customers’ perceptions to improve guest satisfaction, and collect employee feedback to create a more stimulating and healthy workplace culture. There is no better value available for your business than obtaining this kind of intelligence. And there is no more practical way to improve loyalty and keep guests and meeting planners coming back.

UniFocus' Survey Solutions link service standards to your guest and employee perceptions helping you exceed customer expectations. Results are filtered into our dynamic, “at a glance” dashboard for easy visibility, and can be segmented to offer further insight into certain properties, departments, groups and more. 

  • GUESTScope: Measure Customer Satisfaction
  • STAFFScope: Evaluate Employee Engagement
  • MEETINGScope: Quantify Meeting Planner Perceptions
  • SERVICEScope: Appraisal of Service Standards

Guest Satisfaction Survey- GUESTScope provides a clear understanding of every facet of guest loyalty and satisfaction, so making decisions is truly representative of guest impressions.

Employee Engagement Survey- STAFFScope shows employee perception, helping companies understand critical factors that can lead to increased and sustained employee engagement.

Meeting Planner Surveys- MEETINGScope clearly shows how planners perceive a business’ services—from the contract through the planning phase, event day, and after.

Mystery Shop Evaluation- SERVICEScope not only ensures service standards are being met, but also displays if teams are providing a consistent and exceptional customer experience

Utilize our Robust Solutions to Easily:

  • Increase market share and revenue
  • Quantify customer & employee perceptions and improve intent to return and recommend
  • Improve customer satisfaction by increasing employee engagement
  • Escalate employee satisfaction by listening and responding to feedback
  • Attract and retain customers by improving perceptions with expanded insight
  • Convert information to revenue at risk
  • Impact the top and bottom line business outcomes with surveys that identify key opportunities for action
  • Determine best practices to train and change operations
  • Apply intelligent analytics for all facets of your organization to build strategies and take action
  • Receive a greater response rate globally with multilingual surveys

UniFocus' Survey Solutions give your teams valuable instant answers to:

  • What is the best way to increase a guest’s intent to recommend and return?
  • What impact does the level of guest/customer satisfaction have on revenues – what’s the “Revenue at Risk”?
  • How is the “Cost of Problems” impacting guests' overall experience and loyalty?
  • What is most important to guests, and how well is the business performing on those “Key Opportunities”?
  • How does employee engagement and overall satisfaction correlate with customer loyalty?
  • Are employee training and intervention efforts paying off in the form of increased guest satisfaction and rates of return?

UniFocus' Survey Solutions provide effective, real-time customer loyalty and employee engagement metrics. Our survey solutions produce higher response rates and useful business intelligence via intuitive, intelligent dashboards. Key Opportunity reporting provides actionable intelligence for the entire staff, which can be further enhanced by our revealing mystery evaluation processes – all to elevate business.

Our surveys can be presented in any written language, are compatible with smart phones, tablet PCs, and iPads, and have the ability to be accessed via QR codes.  The various methods used to administer surveys offer customers flexibility and options leading to an increased response rate, meaning a boost in data and targeted results which offer comfort when making strategic decisions.

  • "The team at UniFocus clearly values relationships and customer service is a priority. With UniFocus' online guest satisfaction surveys, Skytop now has the ability to customize tracking and trend reporting. Management gains the ability to view key opportunities necessary to maximize our customer experience across services, property improvements to consider and the product updates and launches our guests are wanting."  
    Cara Federici, Director of Sales & Marketing with Skytop Lodge
  • "We now have a standardized system for time and attendance tracking across our entire portfolio..."  
    - Mark Fielding, Senior Accountant for Red Lion Hotels


  • "Valid Customer feedback is extremely important to earning high satisfaction ratings and plays a vital role in loyal clients driving profits and recommending new business. With UniFocus' online system, The Mayfair will capture the feedback of guests which will be integrated with our corporate level reporting. Every key touch point that makes up a guest stay is valuable."   
    - Si Sloman, Principal MJS Hotels


  • "UniFocus' expertise in meetings and events, the great price point, and superiority of the product fit our needs. UniFocus has been out front with its technology, and providing great business tools to track the meeting planner's reviews effectively and efficiently." 
    - Shawn Dixon, Corporate Operations Manager for Vail Resorts Hospitality
  • "The feedback provided by SERVICEScope has allowed our Leadership team to examine the most fundamental portions of our best practices and refine how our levels of service can continue to set us apart from our competition. The feedback is detailed, thorough, and consistent through the organization."
    - Ian Dailey, Director of Organizational Development of Canyons Resort