When Millennials Become Managers

August 2017 - By Mark Heymann, Chairman & CEO, Unifocus - Published in Hotel Business Review - Since millennials became the majority generation in the workforce in 2015 - and are on track to represent more than 50 percent by 2018, there has been a great deal of discussion around the challenges the generational divide poses to the boomers and Gen Xers who manage this younger cohort.

UniFocus Survey Shows Correlation Between Employee Engagement and Guest Satisfaction

July 11, 2017 – Published in Hotel Online - Best Western Hotels & Resorts Partners with UniFocus to Learn Key Finding - Best Western Hotels & Resorts has successfully beta-tested UniFocus’ Pulse Survey solution in a group of its North American hotels to understand the impact of hotel employee engagement on guest satisfac

Boston Park Plaza uses pre-event surveys to enhance meetings

June 2017 - Published in Hotel Business - Let’s face it. Most of us skip the “answer survey” selection on a phone call or even on a website. However, the truth is that surveys aren’t pointless—they’re vital.

Should Your Company Consider Cross-Training

June 2017 - Published in HRM Canada - Travis Peterson, Vice President of Talent at Towne Park, was interviewed by Human Resources Manager Canada about the impact cross-training employees has on their business.  “Cross-training allows us to respond quickly to client needs and provides our associates with constant learning,” he tells HRM.

The Future of Independent Contractors in the Hospitality Industry

June 2017 - By Mark Heymann - Published in Hotel Business Review - While the workplace continues its rapid move towards a "gig economy," recent National Labor Relations Board rulings have made it tougher for employers to classify workers as independent contractors vs. employees.