UniFocus Ensures Optimum Data Protection with Opening of Second Colocation Center

Technology has made companies more efficient, and has simplified and streamlined daily operations.  However, computers and other devices businesses utilize everyday aren’t without flaws.  Crucial data can be damaged or deleted due to malfunctions in the system, which then leads to a domino effect of errors.  Colocation centers are equipped to handle and prevent such mishaps, and offer users security.  UniFocus is pleased to announce the recent opening of a second colocation center in Seattle, joining the colocation facility operating in Dallas.

UniFocus’ U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Certification Indicates Commitment to Data Security

Each year companies are conducting more of their daily operations and their dealings with other businesses via the Internet, meaning security and protection of personal information is imperative.  UniFocus is proud to announce its participation in the TRUSTe® U.S.-EU Safe Harbor program.  Compliance with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework assures both domestic and international clients that their data is truly protected.

UniFocus Offers World Class Service to All Clients with Certified Project Management Professional

In today’s economy it is essential to make sure every facet of a company is running efficiently and smoothly while adequately using available resources and funds.  Often, flawed planning puts new projects either over time or over budget. A proven enhancement is employing team members who are certified project management professionals (PMP), utilizing their expertise to successfully execute projects.  UniFocus is proud to announce Michael Goldman, VP of Organizational Effectiveness, has recently earned PMP certification.

Evaluating Hotel Guest Feedback in the Age of Online Reviews

Beware of the move toward transparency. With all of the recent press touting the importance of using online review content to evaluate a hotel’s performance, it is time to step back and not lose sight of “best practices” for assessing hotel guest attitudes. First and foremost, the most reliable way to ensure an efficient allocation of resources and an effective approach to operational improvement is to collect feedback from a statistically valid sample of guest experiences. Second, that sampling process should be maintained and consistent over time.

UniFocus Donates Guest Survey System to The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is looking to amplify the experiences of the campers’ families through the use of UniFocus’ Survey Solutions, which will allow the Camp to gain insight from parents who attend their “Change of Pace Experience (COPE)” weekend programs to support their strategy to become a more research-based organization.  UniFocus is proud to contribute its services free of charge to support the Camp’s and community’s efforts to lift the morale of parents of seriously ill children.  GUESTScope provides the camp with the tools they need to deliver on their mission.  Through the COPE program, the Camp strives to create a unique experience for parents, while promoting key values such as safety, camaraderie, possibility, and appreciation.