UniFocus Hosted Webinar on Predictable Schedules: Why They Matter & How to Create Them

Erratic employee schedules have recently been highlighted for the financial uncertainty and unstable work/life balance they cause. One in two hourly workers reported that their employer schedules them without their input, and 83% of hourly part-time workers reported that their weekly work hours fluctuated, according to The Center for Popular Democracy.

As a result, lawmakers have stepped in and made attempts to change these unpredictable scheduling practices. In 2014 and 2015, ten states introduced scheduling legislation, and this past April, nine attorneys general sent letters to companies regarding their use of on-call shifts.

For employers, creating a predictable, compliant schedule that meets customer needs without overscheduling is extremely difficult and time consuming given fluctuating business volumes and employee requests. This challenge and the time required to complete schedules grows significantly with more employees, departments, and locations.

View our webinar where we discussed:

  • Negative effects of on-call scheduling
  • Benefits of predictable schedules
  • UniFocus’ solution for creating predictable schedules