Red Lion Hotels Revolutionizes Time & Attendance

Dallas, March 22, 2011 - UniFocus today announced that its advanced Time & Attendance system has made a positive impact throughout the owned properties of Red Lion Hotels Corporation (NYSE: RLH), prominent western U.S.-based owner, operator & franchisor of midscale hotels.

Nearly two years ago, like so many other hospitality organizations today, Red Lion Hotels utilized a disparate array of time and attendance tracking systems across their portfolio. They realized that a standardized time and attendance system was required for their 2500+ employees that could give management the visibility, simplicity, accountability and cost control that they needed in their competitive marketplace.

“We selected the Watson, R.M. Time & Attendance system from UniFocus because of its interactive smart clock hardware, overall ease of use and the fact that it’s designed to be more hospitality-oriented,” said Mark Fielding, Senior Accountant for Red Lion Hotels. “One of most attractive benefits is that the touch screens and biometric devices enable management to eliminate the perennial ’buddy punching’ headache.

“And the fact that our Time and Attendance Software system from UniFocus is now centralized and hosted means that there is greater visibility at the corporate level,” continued Fielding. “This gives us the ability to see and process all data from a higher level and have more time to review the information. Best of all, we now have a standardized system for time and attendance tracking across our entire portfolio, rather than having each property on something different, or worse, still using an outdated manual process.”

Watson, R.M. Time & Attendance delivers benefits to the entire organization early on—from eliminating unauthorized overtime, incorrect or early punches to paperless employee authorizations. And the interactive touch screen acts as a communication device, enabling associates to request changes in their schedules.

As a result of the many benefits that the Red Lion Hotels organization gets from their time & attendance system, they continue to hear a lot of positive comments from both administrators and associates.

“Putting best-of-breed Time & Attendance technology into the hands of management and associates is one of the most revolutionary approaches for managing the workforce,” said Mark Heymann, President & CEO of UniFocus. “The right system can enable an organization to skip much of the guesswork that management is usually involved with, actually improve financials and satisfy all the stakeholders—including your associates.

“Red Lion Hotels has been a UniFocus partner since 2009, and we are pleased that they continue to reap the benefits from our Watson, R.M. Time & Attendance system,” added Heymann.

About Red Lion Hotels Corporation

Red Lion Hotels Corporation is a hospitality and leisure company primarily engaged in the ownership, operation and franchising of midscale hotels under its Red Lion® brand. As of December 31, 2010, the RLH hotel network was comprised of 44 hotels located in eight states and one Canadian province, with 8,557 rooms and 425,397 square feet of meeting space. The company also owns and operates an entertainment and event ticket distribution business. For more information, please visit the company’s website at