UniFocus adds new features to MEETINGScope

UniFocus has released exciting enhancements to MEETINGScope, its feedback and analysis tool designed to interpret how event planners perceived their experience and identify areas of opportunity. Easy-to-understand summaries of recently-received surveys and problems experienced are now displayed on the Dashboard. With these new features, getting actionable data at your fingertips is even quicker and simpler.


This area of the dashboard shows the percentage of Problems Experienced (surveys where a planner answered “Yes” to "Did you have a problem or issue during your event?") as well as the Service Recovery Index (SRI), which is the percentage of reported problems that were resolved to the meeting planner’s expectations. This new feature will allow users to quickly see if problems are regularly occurring as well as how staff are responding to those problems.

Recent Surveys

The Recent Surveys component allows users to see the recent surveys that have been received by the property. Each row includes the planner’s name, survey date, the survey’s overall rating, a visual representation of whether or not the survey contained negative responses, and a word bubble icon if the survey contained comments. If the survey contains comments, users can hover over the icon to read the comment while still remaining on the dashboard, allowing quick, valuable insight into survey responses.

Property Rankings are still available on the dashboard for users with full MEETINGScope access to multiple properties. When more than one property is selected under ‘Settings,’ Property Ranking will show in place of Recent Surveys. The Property Rankings chart displays average scores by property, enabling users to easily compare performance by property.