Discussions about the future of technology in the Hospitality Industry


June 2017 – Published in LODGING Magazine - At our Annual Partner Conference, we discussed what technology in the hospitality industry will look like in five years.

Here’s what a few of our clients had to say in this month’s issue of Lodging Magazine:


“Signs tell us that we are moving to a ubiquitous state, where everything is known by everyone. With bitcoin introducing a distributed ledger and Uber making pricing elasticity transparent to the customer, information is becoming available to everyone at an exponential rate.”
Vice President, Corporate Operations, TownePark
“Technology is going to be much more intuitive than what it is now. You won’t have to learn the technology, as it will be so advanced that it becomes second nature. In hotels, you’ll still have bellmen and people who assist with the manual aspects of the stay, but then there will be ‘tech ambassadors’ who can help guests navigate technology to get what they want.”
Vice President of Finance, Pyramid Hotel Group
“I think that going forward, employees will continue to crave new technology that will reduce the challenges that they face day-to-day, and give them more work/life balance. Not only are the technologies they seek going to make their lives easier—they usually also double as cost-saving measures for the hotel.”
Senior Manager, Labor Management, The Cosmopolitan


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