UniFocus CEO Mark Heymann Spells out Solutions for Workforce Performance on ‘Corporate Review’ Hosted by Donald Trump, Jr.

Segment will air on Fox Business Network and Bloomberg in December

DALLAS, Dec. 9, 2014 – There is an antidote for the time and money so many corporations have to allocate to managing their work forces while engendering employee satisfaction and, ultimately, guest satisfaction. It is advanced, integrated technology, developed by UniFocus, that helps its users increase productivity by forecasting, planning, controlling and analyzing its labor resources and measuring the dispositions (attitudes) of employees to their jobs. 

In a recent interview on Corporate Review, an award-winning, independently produced business and health program which airs on cable networks to over 100 million potential TV households, UniFocus Chairman and CEO Mark Heymann shared his outlook on labor management efficiency and effectiveness with interviewer Donald Trump, Jr. The segment will air on Bloomberg US on Dec. 14 at 4:30 p.m. EST and Fox Business Network on Dec. 20 at 4:30 p.m. EST.

According to Heymann, companies consistently face labor-related challenges (e.g. Affordable Care Act, new minimum wage requirements, ongoing labor laws) that can be all-absorbing.  UniFocus, which over 16 years has specialized in the hospitality (including casinos and meetings)  industry, but also works in market segments including restaurant, healthcare and amusement/theme park clients, gives companies the tools to manage the right employees with the right skills at the right time and place and with the right attitude. The result: proven cost savings and customer satisfaction, thanks to an employee who is properly engaged at all levels by his employer.

The effectiveness of the UniFocus “Total Workforce Performance Solution” was applauded on Corporate Review by UniFocus client Ken Barrett, senior vice president, asset management for Strategic Hotels and Resorts. According to Barrett, partnering with UniFocus allows him to monitor the day-to-day progress of his workforce and guest satisfaction, both critical to the success of any hotel company. This, in turn, has helped Strategic resolve inefficiencies and save literally millions of dollars.

Heymann explained that UniFocus’ labor management, time and attendance solutions are working successfully for companies in over 100 countries. The company is poised to continue its aggressive expansion and continue to be the only one-stop resource of its kind.

UniFocus is taking Workforce Management to a whole new dimension. Traditionally Workforce Management has been a numbers game, but has always been missing the critical component of employee attitude and its effect on the overall customer experience. Without integrating employee engagement analytics, you’re only looking at ¾ of the total picture. The Great News!! We have a revolutionary new approach that brings all of this together in a “TOTAL WORKFORCE PERFORMANCE SOLUTION.”

By adding employee engagement to advanced scheduling, this Total Workforce Performance platform not only guarantees improved labor costs, but ensures overall staff performance that achieves customer expectations. With UniFocus, you can be assured of having the right employee, with the right skills, at the right time, in the right place, and with the right attitude, at the lowest possible cost.

UniFocus technologies and integrated metrics increase productivity, drive labor savings to YOUR bottom line, while you ensure customer satisfaction. Our innovative solutions forecast, plan, control, and analyze your labor resources from a numbers and attitudinal perspective. Coupled with your customer perceptions, you now have an integrated tool that points you in the right direction for optimal staff performance.

At UniFocus, we have more than 35 years of experience supporting thousands of locations globally, in over 100 countries, in helping them achieve controlled labor costs, increased profits, and higher intent to return and recommend.

We’re Total Workforce Performance - the fusion of workforce management, engagement, and satisfaction.

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