Consider this, Customer Satisfaction IS the Eyes into the Soul of your Organization

What is customer satisfaction saying about your culture and the internal mechanics of your team? Is it a clear reflection of the culture and systems you use for delivering on your brand promise and meeting your financial goals?

In the service industry integrating perceptions on both Attitude and Delivery into the feedback process plays a crucial role in achieving high customer satisfaction. Looking simply at the value and quality of your products and services is no longer sufficient to measure satisfaction and increase loyalty.

Gain valuable insights into reaching the pinnacle of customer satisfaction with a whole NEW approach:

  • The DAP model:
    • Capture the Delivery (efficiency) of service
    • Attitude (friendliness) of the service providers
    • Product quality (perceived value)
  • Insider’s Guide to Guest Satisfaction: Interviews with five leading industry expert
    • How to Drive Up Intent to Recommend
    • Focus on Problem Solving and Resolution Skills
    • Social Media Feedback vs. Direct Feedback
  • Total Workforce Management Inspires Employees to create a Customer Centric Culture

Customer recommendations and loyalty are the ultimate compliments and client retention is more economical than finding new clients. Hear directly from experts innovative approaches to customer satisfaction to drive more profitable volume with FocusED.

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An interview with Mark Heymann