Getting Buy-In 

June 2010  by Mark Heymann - Over the past few months I have had multiple discussions with present and prospective business partners regarding the topic of getting management buy-in to new systems, financial improvement tactics, or employee motivational methods.

Scheduling, Forecasting Made Easy

April 2010  Hospitality Technology Supplement - Labor management is quite arguably one of the most important, and challenging, areas for hospitality mangers to oversee.  When unsuccessfully managed, lodging and food service companies are faced with the possibility of sustaining not only revenue losses, but the wrath of irritated customers and staff.  Fortunately, solutions that m

Back to the Basics: Its time to manage labor costs

December 2009  by Mark Heymann - Over the past few weeks I have visited some properties and discussed the basics of labor management, or more importantly, how an organization can improve its productivity.

How Employee Training Tools Directly Impact Guest Repeat Bookings

September 8, 2009  Hospitality Technology - As the result of dramatically improved business intelligence in the hospitality industry, training has taken on an entirely new meaning.  The word itself has been liberated from its old use as a reference to skill-based hand-holding; now, training refers to creating knowledge-based excellence.  And, more often than not, hotel staff memb

Revamp of laundry has Destin, FL, resort’s housekeeping humming

September 2009 - San Francisco-based Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants operates on a simple premise: Give customers what they want.

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