Red Lion Tackles Buddy Punching, Lack of T&A Standardization 

March 10, 2011  Hospitality Technology - Historically, many hospitality organizations have utilized an antiquated time and attendance system of polling, where there is no real-time mechanism to force daily punch corrections. Alternatives have been few, so for many hotels it became a stopgap process of creating interfaces for forecasting, planning, budgeting and scheduling.

How Quarterly Mystery Shops Help Diagnose Problems… 

January 2011  by Joan King, Sales and Marketing - Historically, service-based industries such as retail and hospitality have utilized mystery shoppers to help them diagnose problems—since the importance of third-party observation is undeniable.

Benchmarking: Internal vs. External 

September 2010  by Mark Heymann - Benchmarking has been a key part of business performance assessment for as long as I can remember. From the days of my first job with the airlines to my first consulting client and up until now, companies are constantly looking to benchmark their performance.

Luxury Hotel Taps Real-Time Guest Feedback Tool in Quest for Exemplary Customer Service 

September 16, 2010  Hospitality Technology - The West Paces Hotel Group is a highly respected member in the hospitality industry whose leadership hails from The Ritz-Carlton Company and has long prided itself on providing an unparalleled level of personalized service.

Mystery Shops: Waste of Time or Key to Driving Guest Loyalty? 

August 31, 2010  Hospitality Technology - The Heathman Hotel in Kirkland has a credo that service is still an art when it comes to treating visitors like royalty. In late 2008, they set out to align that art with a proven science of performance metrics to raise the bar even higher.

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