FocusED Q2 2008

Within this issue you will fine a Guide to the Processes & Systems of Labor Management in the Hospitality Industry, an interview with Richard Moreau discussing cost-effective labor management strategies and our very own Mark Heymann raising the question of How Cost-Effective are Your Applied Standards?

FocusED Q4 2007

This FocusED issue kick's off with CEO and Founder Mark Heymann drawing the distinction between Business Intelligence and Intelligent Business followed by  Intrawest's "Voice of the Customer" initiative drives Business Intelligence.

FocusED Q1 2007

This Winter's FocusED starts with a perspective on Broadening the Definition of Integration penned by CEO and Founder Mark Heymann.  We also discuss Survey Best Practices and Keeping Service Standards High in Luxury Travel.  


FocusED Q1 2006

This issue of FocusED provides an in-depth report on how The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino successfully manages guest satisfaction from an operational perspective and how a hotel manager saves time by using the latest technology to respond to guests' feedback.

FocusED Summer 2005

In this issue of FocusED, Dolce International uses T.A.S.T.E. to maintain high levels of engagement with their employees.  UniFocus Chairman and CEO, Mark Heymann discusses Employee Feedback and Meyer Jabara Hotels illustrates that it is the employee that creates raving guests.

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