Take Control of Your Labor Management Systems with UniFocus

Innovative Touch Screen Labor Management Dashboard

Take Control of Your Labor Management Systems with UniFocus”

The Next Generation of Integrated Labor Management Systems Dashboards

Dallas, January 21, 2013 - Strategic labor management has been widely recognized throughout the hospitality industry as a crucial component to alleviating unneeded costs in order to secure a sustainable competitive advantage. With this in mind, UniFocus, the leading hospitality provider of Smart Productivity Tools for Labor Management, proudly presents the next generation of integrated Labor Management System Dashboards. The new LMS dashboard has been designed to streamline access to key performance metrics in real time reporting throughout multiple properties allowing executives and management alike to easily navigate through the labor management cycles of any and all properties within their portfolios.

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Don’t Let Managers Function Without a Systematic Approach to Labor Scheduling

The Critical Importance of Workforce Management in Casino Operations an Interview with Phillip Upchurch

There has been much media coverage about the critical importance of utilizing modernized workforce management systems in the hospitality industry. Nowhere is this need more vital than in the gaming and entertainment business.

Ramping up for the Future

The focus of this edition is looking forward and ascertaining what organizations are planning to do as the industry begins to climb out of the downturn of the last couple of years. And for my part, I have spent much time contemplating this topic from the perspective of someone with many vested years in the hospitality business.

Ramping up for the Future: Report from the Front Lines of the Hospitality Industry

Lately, when it comes to the hospitality industry, there has been no shortage of good news on the horizon—several major hotel corporations announced a return to profitability in the first quarter. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, spending on hotels and other accommodations increased by 11% during this period. And PricewaterhouseCoopers’ recent U.S.