The DNA of Workforce Management | An interview with Zachary Chertok of Nucleus Research

Benefits of a Workforce Management System include:

   * Increased Productivity

   * Better Labor Planning

   * More Efficient Time and Attendance Tracking

   * Significant Savings in both Time and Money

Labor Management in the Hospitality Industry Part I

How does the smart operator balance guest satisfaction against maximizing profits?  The largest controllable cost in most hospitality businesses is labor. Hoteliers have known this for decades and have incorporated many different processes, systems, and procedures to help manage these costs.   click on read more icon to download paper

Putting the Pieces Together-The ACA 2014

There are several key concepts within the ACA the employers, especially in the hospitality industry, should be aware of as it can have significant cost implications for 2013 and beyond.  To Pay or To Play is the question.; for many employees the answer is not simple.  The answer is both depending on an employer's unique needs and what they are trying to accomplish.

  1. Why are Insurance Costs Rising
  2. What are your options
  3. The Time Line for Compliance::
  4. How to Determine Employee Status
  5. How to Determine Company Status and
  6. How to Determine the Penalty

Written by by Mr. David Goldfarb. Managing Principal Digital Benefit Advisors or



Health Care Consumerisim: What can your Employees do to Help?

What Can Your Employee's do to help?  This article will tell you how to feel better faster.

There are definitely other issues that cause health insurance premiums to go up.  For now, we American consumers can make a difference.  It is in OUR control.  We just all need to become better consumers of health care. And when we do, we'll keep our own money in our own pockets.

Learn How your employees can  help you.

Written by Mr. Stuart Prescott
Founding Partner of Prescott Pailet Benefits