Bottom Line Performance

You hear it and read it everywhere. The industry has turned the corner. Occupancy is up. Values are climbing. Deals are getting done. The pipeline for new properties is growing. Yet that nagging question about performance still remains. How much net income is the right number? And of course, increases in net income equates to increased value.

Labor Management Insights from the Inside

By Guest Columnist, Carlos R. Castro,VP Operations at Paris/Bally's Las Vegas

Labor Management at the Majestic Star Casino

By Guest Columnist, Troy Keeping, Vice President and General Manager of Majestic Star Casino in Gary, Indiana

“Leadership took the approach that Watson, R.M.™ was, and still is, a tool to help managers better manage. It’s a tool to help managers spend less time on schedules, and be more focused on managing the business and driving revenues.”


by Mark HeymannUniFocus Chairman & CEO