Engagement Stats

FocusED 2018 | Issue 1 - Compiled by Shana Schlabach, UniFocus - In looking at the industry as a whole, and then at each of the two main segments depicted, Disengagement increased over the last three years at a time when the industry performance from a revenue and revenue per available room point of view, was improving. One would expect an opposite trend.

Maintaining Engagement

FocusED 2018 | Issue 1 - By Dr. Daniel Mount, Associate Professor, Penn State University's School of Hospitality Management - The pattern is a familiar one in engagement research.

Best Practices in Employee Training/Engagement

FocusED 2018 | Issue 1 - Proper onboarding and training of new hires is a crucial process for any organization and particularly in complex service-oriented businesses like hotels. But what happens once their formal training is done?

The First 90 Days

FocusED 2018 | Issue 1 - By Barry Kaplan, SR. VP, OD & HR, UniFocus - There’s nothing like starting a new job! In life, there are very few moments where you get to start over with a clean slate. Starting a new job is one of those moments where the past is left behind and all is fresh and new.