Coaching Differences in the Workforce

September 2015 - By Julie Leake - FocusED 2015 | Issue 2 - With such disparate values, work ethics, goals, and outlooks, how do you employ those differences to your advantage?

Characteristics of the Generations

June 2015 - FocusED 2015 | Issue 2 - Characteristics of multi-generational employees in the workplace

Bridging the Generational Communication Gap

September 2015 - By Beth Mahler - FocusED 2015 | Issue 2 - The fundamental differences in how various age groups approach work and communication are becoming more obvious, creating workplace rifts and affecting productivity.¹ The characteristics of each generation are influenced by many factors including social events, economic cycles, political events, technology, and acts o

Ready or Not, Here They Come!

June 2015 - By Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky - FocusED 2015 | Issue 2 - As Generation Y enters the workforce, it has quickly become obvious that its work style is different from any previous era. Many business leaders still don’t understand the major clash occurring between the generations in the workplace.

Millennials: Game Changers

June 2015 - By Mark Heymann - FocusED 2015 | Issue 2 - “One if by land, two if by sea.” Not to worry, they are already here and in large numbers. No, I’m not speaking about the British. I am, though, referring to “The Millennials.”