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The Affordable Care Act: How will it Affect the Hospitality and Service Industries?

Are you Ready?  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will significantly impact the hospitality and service industry.   This market typically employs more part-time hourly workers than companies in other industries and will be more affected by key provisions in the ACA that are set to take effect in 2014.

  • What is the Cost of the Impact?
  • What effect will it have on the Hospitality and Service Industry?
  • What are your Options?
  • What does Affordable Coverage Mean?
  • Preparing for the ACA.
  • Next Steps.

Written by Ms. Beth Mahler.  Marketing and Brand Director UniFocus.

What are your Strategies for the 2014 ACA?

UniFocus collaborated with industry experts on the Health Care Reform and is proud to share this edition of FocusED produced specifically for our industry.

These articles were written with you in mind to give you some additional perspective and hopefully, help you better understand options, the potential impact and assist in setting a road map for actions in the coming months.

Written by Mr. Mark Heymann, Chairman and CEO UniFocus.

Boost Productivity to Control Labor Costs

Summary: The cost of labor is your highest expense.  In this article, Ralph highlights the importance of controlling the labor cost thru planning, scheduling, logistics/layouts, the importance of good hires and, of course, to follow up on results. Whether your revenues are up or down, controlling your labor costs is essential to maximizing your bottom line.  Focusing on productivity, as opposed to merely cutting hours or wages, maintains the proper balance between labor and quality—it’s not efficiency, but effectiveness.