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Guest Satisfaction Golden Triangle: Delivery, Attitude and Product (DAP Model)

The Guest Satisfaction Golden Triangle: Delivery, Attitude and Product
Delivery, Attitude and Product
The Relationship to Achieving High Customer Satisfaction 
The Guest Satisfaction Golden Triangle: Delivery, Attitude and Product by Dr. Dan Mount

In the service industry integrating perceptions on both Attitude and Delivery into the feedback process play a crucial role in achieving high customer satisfaction.  Looking simply at the value and quality of your products and services are no longer sufficient to measure satisfaction and increase loyalty.

An Insider's Guide to Guest Satisfaction | Interviews with Five Industry Executives

Five Industry Executives Share How to Achieve the BEST Customer Satisfaction
An Insider's Guide to Guest Satisfaction by Beth Mahler
Striving to improve customer satisfaction? Being smart, you already know understanding perceptions and customer satisfaction is essential to helping improve and grow a business.   How do experts in the industry run their properties to achieve the BEST customer satisfaction? 

Guest and Customer Satisfaction: What Can it REALLY Tell You?

What Is Guest Satisfaction Saying About Your Culture?
Guest and Customer Satisfaction: What Can It REALLY Tell you?  by Mr. Mark Heymann
What is customer satisfaction saying about your culture and the internal working's of your team? Consider this, Customer Satisfaction IS the Eyes into the Soul of your Organization. It is a clear reflection of the culture and systems you use for delivering on your brand promise and meeting your financial goals.

What 2015 Holds for the Evolution of Mobile Workforce Management Solutions


In today’s lean hotel industry, managers can’t afford to be desk-bound. They need mobile tools that allow them to manage operational issues immediately and efficiently from any location as they engage with guests and staff. Other factors that will drive demand for mobile in 2015 are regulatory compliance and the rise of app-savvy millennials as a key and growing segment of the labor force. The tech world is responding with mobile solutions that promise to transform the way hotels manage their employees while empowering those employees with the tools to better control their own schedules.

Build Better Business Relationships with Intelligence On-Demand

Build Better Relationships with Intelligence On-Demand.  Are you walking around your operations and visible to your teams and customers?  What would it be like if you could communicate immediately with employees from the floor?  Technology is much more than a convenience, it is a sheer necessity to excel. True mobile solutions share intelligence on demand enhancing business relationships.  This communication of knowledge improves the quality of service and customer satisfaction for your brand.