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Characteristics of the Generations


See the real differences within your workforce and learn to draw on the strengths of your team members.

Bridging the Generational Communication Gap


The fundamental differences in how various age groups approach work and communication are becoming more obvious, creating workplace rifts and affecting productivity.

Explore and understand how each generation defines four essential elements:

Ready or Not, Here They Come!


As Generation Y enters the workforce, it has quickly become obvious that its work style is different from any previous era.

Millennials: Game Changers


Within the next few years, this group will be 50% of the workforce and 40% of the US population. They are changing the way people think and businesses operate.

Learn about the impact of Millennials on employee and employment practices and how your company can begin to adapt.

Total Workforce Performance Improves Guest Satisfaction

Customer-Centric Culture Inspired by Successful Workforce Management
Total Workforce Performance Improves Guest Satisfaction by Beth Mahler
Successful management of the workforce plays a significant role in engaging and inspiring employee excellence in building a customer-centric culture. The key to success in the service industry is to put every asset to its best possible use to increase customer satisfaction. When the right resources are utilized at the right time, with the right attitude, and synchronized with business demand, you achieve optimal performance at the lowest cost.