November 29, 2016 - UniFocus, the Dallas-based provider of the service industry’s most comprehensive workforce performance solutions, has rolled out a new version of its labor management software called UniFocus Restaurant. The new platform is designed to meet the specific scheduling and labor management needs of the free-standing food and beverage industry. 

UniFocus Restaurant offers all of the functionality of UniFocus’ flagship LMS, including the intricacies of demand-based standards, scheduling and other features that are relevant to operators of customer service organizations to benefit both their top and bottom line. The new suite of services also provides an industry-specific understanding of employee and customer engagement; modules for forecasting, planning, scheduling, and reporting; and industry-specific features like flexible standards based on menu item mix, segmented forecasting and additional work rules.  Scheduling can also be accomplished across a local group of restaurants (stores), further ensuring optimal cost and utilization.
Web-based training means the system easily addresses managerial advancement and turnover issues for performance continuity.  Restaurant managers can use their own labor standards or engage in a process of optimization utilizing UniFocus’ industry expertise. In addition, UniFocus Restaurant features full mobile accessibility for all staff members enhancing intra-restaurant communication.  The system works with other vendor Time and Attendance systems as well as full integration with UniFocus’ Global Time & Attendance.
With a potential increase in the minimum wage, fluctuating labor laws, employee needs for better work/life balance and a generally tempestuous economic climate, service businesses of all sizes and specialties are searching for management solutions that are specifically tailored to their needs. 
“As dining options continue to diversify, and today’s development climate remains exciting and unpredictable, managing a restaurant profitably leaves little margin for error,” said UniFocus founding partner and CEO Mark Heymann. “UniFocus Restaurant is a streamlined, affordable system that bundles the features managers need and leaves out what they don’t. It’s yet another example of UniFocus’ ongoing commitment to bring the highest-quality systems to the service industry.”