Build Better Business Relationships with Intelligence On-Demand

Build Better Relationships with Intelligence On-Demand.  Are you walking around your operations and visible to your teams and customers?  What would it be like if you could communicate immediately with employees from the floor?  Technology is much more than a convenience, it is a sheer necessity to excel. True mobile solutions share intelligence on demand enhancing business relationships.  This communication of knowledge improves the quality of service and customer satisfaction for your brand.

Revolutionize how your teams engage with each other and with customers by partnering with UniFocus.  Utilizing our innovative mobile technologies builds lasting and loyal relationships, boosting both profits and satisfaction.  


Mobile access powered by UniFocus provides businesses instantaneous sharing of the right information.  This collaboration with the right people, at a right time, results in the right actions. Analytic KPI data is promptly available for coordination and cooperation among different groups, strengthening communication building blocks for solid relationships.  

The right decisions lessen the financial burden of having inadequate or excessive resources when business fluctuates.  Being nimble across work groups provides businesses the opportunity to focus on what matters most to the customer when it is important.  Ensuring consistency and quality of service breeds loyal customers with a higher intent to return and recommend. These higher levels of satisfaction solidify relationships giving you a competitive edge. 


Rapidly accessing information and responding to changing client needs with UniFocus’ mobile capabilities yields a more satisfying experience for your customers.  Since the information is available in real time, it gives businesses the option to alter their services to meet customer demand.  And adapt operations quicker, leading to a happier client and a healthier bottom line.

UniFocus’ Mobile Apps allow managers to work from the floor so they can cultivate relationships with customers all while efficiently handling staff attendance from the palm of their hand. 

Managers Can:

  • Control overtime costs with customizable alerts such as upcoming breaks, approaching overtime, even late to clock out
  • Ensure service quality with blast messaging to cover shifts
  • Manage scheduling with on-the-go authorization of employee scheduling requests: swaps, drops, time off, etc.
  • View schedules anywhere by employee or date
  • Stay well informed on the employee’s status: who is in, out, late…
  • See instantly employee contact information for easier communication

Mobile technology grants employees the ability to manage their schedules from anywhere at any time.  New employees will likewise have access to necessary data, meaning the on-boarding process is smoother and your staff is more engaged. Giving employees mobility improves engagement and communication, reduces overtime, and increases customer satisfaction by meeting staff to customer demand. 

Employees can:

  • Provide responsive feedback to monitor engagement at clock-in/out
  • Review work schedules
  • Accept/swap/drop shifts from anyplace, anytime
  • View time cards and track hours
  • Request time off
  • Notify manager with “call-in” absence or tardy feature
  • Communicate via message system

UniFocus is committed to being an industry leader by offering your businesses cutting-edge mobile technology that builds the relationships necessary to increase productivity, drive labor savings to YOUR bottom line, all while you ensure customer satisfaction!  Our dedication to innovation has fueled our growth and recognition for the second year in a row as a proud recipient of Inc.’s 5000 award for the fastest growing private companies in America.

UniFocus is taking Workforce Management to a whole new dimension.  Traditionally Workforce Management has been a numbers game, but has always been missing the critical component of employee attitude and its effect on the overall customer experience.  Without integrating employee engagement analytics, you’re only looking at ¾ of the total picture.  The Great News!! We have a revolutionary new approach that brings all of this together in a “TOTAL WORKFORCE PERFORMANCE SOLUTION.”

By adding employee engagement to advanced scheduling this Total Workforce Performance platform not only guarantees improved labor costs but ensures overall staff performance that achieves customer expectations.  With UniFocus, you can be assured of having the right employee, with the right skills, at the right time, in the right place, and with the right attitude, at the lowest possible cost. 

UniFocus technologies and integrated metrics increase productivity, drive labor savings to YOUR bottom line, while you ensure customer satisfaction.  Our innovative solutions forecast, plan, control, and analyze your labor resources from a numbers and attitudinal perspective.  Coupled with your customer perceptions, you now have an integrated tool that points you in the right direction for optimal staff performance. 

At UniFocus, we have more than 35 years of experience supporting thousands of locations globally, in over 100 countries, in achieving controlled labor costs, increased profits, and higher intent to return and recommend.

We’re Total Workforce Performance - the fusion of workforce management, engagement, and satisfaction.

For more information, visit www.UniFocus.comor call 972-512-5000.  UniFocus is an allied member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association and a member of the National Restaurant Association.

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Beth Mahler
Marketing and Brand Director
UniFocus, LP
Tel: (972) 512-5120

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